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I am Rachel, my friend and fellow X-Tina obsessor Elizabeth and I have decided to create a community dedicated soley to new school Christina Aguilera. I anticipate that the reader is probably asking him/herself one of two questions. One, what exactly is new school Christina Aguilera? Two, do you think this is an appropriate and useful activity to windle away your waking hours with and why am I reading this? This mini (liberally speaking) biography hopes to answer these questions.

You see, Elizabeth and I haven't been fans since the Mickey Mouse Club we haven't even been fans since Genie in a Bottle (well maybe Elizabeth kinda was... but she wasn't hardcore or anything and then she stopped liking her for a long, long time) but we are making up for lost time in our crazily obsessive devotion to Christina... New School Christina. For evidence you can consult our friends and family and random aqauntaces who will ensure you that this is the case. "hun, you are obsessed" quoth our friend Breckin. "Can you talk about anyone but Christina?" qouth my sister Margie. "Why do you love her so much??????" quoth EVERYONE.

Why do we love new school Christina? DUH!! Stripped is so amazing!! Every single song is great and wonderful and worth of listening to on a bi-daily (at least) basis!! She has the most amazing voice in the world and is finally using it to sing songs that she loves. In addition, she's sooooooo amuzing. I spend hours and hours every day reading news items and watching videos of her being an adorablly lil' sweet dorky pixie-like- thing with a propensity towards trouble and an inability to keep her clothes on or her mouth shut. I heart her so much. soooooo, sooooo much. I love her so much it hurts (haha that's from the Stripped linear notes, PS- I love Mikey too).

Is this a good use of time? No, probably not. However, I know that if we did not create a support group where we could write about Christina to our hearts content we would destroy friendships by forcing them to listen to our Christina related babble and alinate ourselves from society.

In conclusion, I heart X-Tina so does Elizabeth join our community!!!!