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No hype, No gloss No pretense, just xtina fans..'s Journal
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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
7:29 pm
ADVANCE TICKET PRESALE for Christina Aguilera's 2007 tour!!!
Hey Everyone!

Just thought I would let you all know, I got an email from the
Baby Jane Fan Club saying that presale tickets will be going on sale
Today, Tuesday, November
7th for these tour dates:

3/12 - Vancouver, BC - GM Place
3/14 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
3/15 - Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome
3/17 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
3/25 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
3/26 - Ottawa, ON - Scotia Bank Place
3/28 - Montreal, PQ - Bell Centre
3/31 - Atlantic City, NJ - Boardwalk Hall
4/9 - Detroit, MI - The Palace of Auburn Hills
4/14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mellon Arena
4/27 - Hartford, CT -Hartford Civic Center
5/2 - Duluth, GA (Atlanta) - Arena @ Gwinnett Center
5/4 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum

If you aren't a member of the club already, I highly suggest you
join soon in order to participate in this great deal. You have to
pay a fee, but you will get the chance to buy the BEST seats to
any of these shows before the public! That's a pretty awesome advantage. It's for real - Click on the link below to check out the Baby Jane Fan Club and buy
presale tickets:

http://www.babyjanefanclub.com "
Sunday, August 27th, 2006
9:09 pm
[20] icons
[10[ colour bars
[7] friends only banners
[1] user info banner

( back to basics @ my lj )

Thursday, December 8th, 2005
4:29 pm
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
12:41 pm
Monday, August 29th, 2005
2:21 pm
Custom Xtina Homepage

I'm running this new site called http://www.awesomestart.com Bascially it's a customizable homepage. It's got a google search, your favorite news links, a link to your email, and all that kind of stuff.

If you click the image above, you can see the start page directly. Otherwise, you can go to the preferences page to customize all the links and stuff on the page. The idea for these pages is you can customize one and make it your homepage. That way you'll have all the links you need everytime you open up your browser. And the page will look cool because it has Christina (or another artist) on it.

I did one for Britney too:

Let me know what you guys think! There's more coming every day. I have maybe 50 other musicians and artists on there right now. I'm going to start doing movies and videogames soon too. Oh, and please help me spread the word! If people could repost this in different places and tell your friends and stuff, that would be really cool.

Thanks for your support you guys. You rock.

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
2:52 pm
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
5:22 pm
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
2:05 pm
Please read & sign the petition to bring the New Mickey Mouse Club (seasons 6 & 7 that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez starred in) to DVD for sale.


Also, please feel free to tell others about this petition. We need as many signatures as we can get.
Saturday, May 29th, 2004
9:26 pm
14 Christina Blends/Banners
-Comment to let me know what you're taking.
-Credit in userinfo : reenisadork. I noticed a lot of people haven't been crediting. I will be checking.
-Customizations ARE available. Resizing, (more) decorations, adding "Friends Only", user names, lyrics, or any type of text. Just ask =)
-Please do not customiza without my permission.
-Cross posted to a few places
-Enjoy =)

You are beautiful...Collapse )

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
5:57 pm
hi hi, new member, just wanted to drop a line, i have a LJ background for her, (i recently redid my layout, and i'm looking for my last two x-tina icons, she's so expressive its nice to see she doesn't fit into the usual mold.
Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
6:09 pm
Saturday, December 27th, 2003
1:22 pm
some people hate her, and i cant believe it. she is so talented and seems so nice and down-to-earth at times.

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Friday, July 18th, 2003
6:02 pm
Turn to E
There will be a special on Xtina @ 8pm Eastren time on this Sunday on E!

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
10:56 am
New xtina
New music video from xtina featuring Lil Kim called "Can't Hold Us Down Video"

Opens in new window.

Christina Aguilera has slammed censors for cutting out scenes considered too raunchy for TV from her new video.

MTV bosses deemed the original cut of Aguilera's new single Can't Hold Us Down too steamy for its predominantly teen audience.

But the 22-year-old hit back saying male rappers get away with hardcore antics in their videos and she has been singled out because she is a woman.

"It's funny. There are all those hip-hop videos where women are objectified, but when a woman does it, it's a shock," she said.

"But it's something I'm proud of."

Aguilera is no stranger to the censors.

The video for Dirrty - featuring the singer in a pair of leather chaps and very little else boxing another woman in similarly scant attire - also ran into trouble.

But Aguilera maintains she has stretched the bounds of taste and decency no further than Madonna.

She stormed: "It's not like Madonna hasn't been there before.

"It's not like you've never seen a woman who's comfortable with her sexuality and her body and with being in control of her surroundings and situation."
Credited to : Sky News

Well thats all for now
_<3 ANJI

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